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Waterproof Phenolic Impregnated Paper for Film Faced Plywood

 (1) Usage  This is widely used on the shuttering plywood, film faced plywood, concrete  formwork plywood.
 (2) Width  1255*2480mm
 (3) Designs  could be pure colors or different printings as your requirement
 (4) Color  Black, Brown, Red Film.
 (5) Base paper  42g,65g,70g,75g,85g,
 (6) ink  domestic & imported water-based ink
 (7)Printing effect:  surface is with full coating, smooth; texture is clear and vivid. purchasing 5000sets  logo free 
 (8) Characteristic  1.Eco-friendly  2.environment- friendly  3.waterproof & moisture proof  resistance   5.anti-dirt   6.scratches      resistance 7.UV resistance.
 (9)  Packing  50sets for the parcel .then 25 parcel packing one crates ,1 crates 1250sets, 20ft  lading 8 crates with9000sets 
 (10) Color fastness to daylight and UV-Cut     More than grade 6          

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